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Dining PSA [Jun. 26th, 2008|06:39 pm]
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I've researched the subject thoroughly, and I am now ready to share my results.

The Edgewater Restaurant in Edgewater Maryland (est. 1948) has the finest Chesapeake bay crab cakes in the whole entire world. Jumbo lump crab, very little else, broiled and buttery and close to God. It's the kind of place with 20-year-veteran waitresses that call you "darling," huge wedges of lemon in the ice water, and real garden green beans fried in crab seasoning as the one veggie side. The softshells are also amazing: crispy and crackly and spicy-sweet,  a crustacean Lay's potato chip.

Despite the name, there's no view at all, and you'll have to squeeze by the deeply stacked gents drinking bottled beer at the bar to get to your table. (And, of course, there's no website. Who has the time?)

Now you know!

[User Picture]From: barley52
2008-06-27 11:44 am (UTC)
OMG this entire description sounds sentalating, mouthwatering, thigh brushingly wonderful. I want to be siting between you and J moaning over my sweet jucy lump meat....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lump meat.
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[User Picture]From: bzdchris
2008-06-27 01:32 pm (UTC)


A crustacean Lay's potato chip?! That's a great description, made me laugh. I never get my softshells that crispy, but then again, they've been on quite a trip before they even get to me so... oh, well, just have to come out east one of these days.
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