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Split This Rock Day 2: Children's Reading

We began the morning as a family, with breakfast at Busboys and Poets. I have to tell you, that is an amazing place. My new favorite place in DC, it has active and well-used performance and community space, a cafe and bar, and a bookstore where every single book is one I would like to read. (Hooray for bookstores with more poetry than diet books! Hooray for bookstores that support teachers! Hooray for bookstores where you can shop at 1 a.m. with a floofy cocktail in your hand!) It is a place owned by an Iraqi-American artist, where people can get together to plan peace beneath a giant mural of great peacemakers and activists from all over the world (which the owner himself, Anas "Andy" Shallal, painted). Not only that, the food is pretty good. I had apple strudel with ice cream and caramel and jasmine tea for breakfast, and then Floppy and I attended the children's poetry reading hosted by Naomi Shihab Nye and Regie Cabico.

Floppy demonstrated his usual fear of public speaking at this event, which is to say he talked incessantly every time audience participation was requested, and frequently when it was not, and considered himself on an intimate first-name basis with his good friends Naomi and Regie immediately afterwards. He liked the poem Goodbye Friends best, but I must say I don't remember the poetry much, trying as I was mainly to be proud of (rather than embarrassed by) my precocious and extraverted little monster. We told him he could choose a book of poetry afterwards to buy, but what he actually wanted was a book to write poetry in of his own, and when we took a break from the festival later he went home and dictated poetry to me (in the finest tradition of youth poets, his first poem was about the failings and inadequacies of us his parents).
Tags: activism, peace, poetry, split this rock
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